Specifications and Price Honda Civic Latest

Specifications and Price Honda Civic Latest July 2018 - Modern Moto Magazine

Price Car Honda Civic - Specification information honda civic and price honda civic latest this year. Honda, of course we know that this manufacturer always provide the best vehicle products. Honda which is a Japanese automobile manufacturer is indeed always been innovating in terms of automotive products. It is as if the Honda manufacturer is never running out of sense to always provide the latest innovations to its consumers. Did you know that Honda products are also in great demand in Indonesia. Proven because the product of two-wheeled vehicles or Honda's four-wheeled vehicle recorded as the most purchases. In addition, the price offered by Honda is also fairly affordable. His products can also be on credit with terms that are not complicated.

It is this that also makes products from Honda very acceptable in Indonesian society. Honda also always provide the latest products from the series before its. It also became Honda's advantage in creating a product that is always fresh. For example its Honda Civic. Honda car output has been several times issued a new series. Counted more than once Honda Civic changed the model and also the machine that provided him. Honda Civic which began production in 1973 is already 10 times switched generation. Starting from the first generation in 1973 to 1979, then the second generation to the tenth generation in 2015 yesterday. Well, this time we will provide a review of honda civic the latest tenth generation. Here's the review:

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Exterior Design More Elegant and Glamorous - Modern Moto Magazine

The first thing we will review is about the exterior design of the Honda Civic. When viewed from the outside, this type of sedan car looks very glamorous with a blend of elegant body curves. With the impression of a glamorous and elegant vehicle this makes Honda Civic car much in demand by officials. Viewed from the front, the headlamp of this Honda Civic tech HID Projector Light grille design on the front of it. Then in the latest Honda Civic car is also equipped with fog lights accessories and also aero kit air holes. Then when viewed from behind, Honda Civic car is equipped with a rear lamp shaped combi lamp sharp. This further adds to the impression of luxury, elegant nan glamor. Not imagine many officials who own this car. How do you think the price of this honda civic car?

Exterior Design More Elegant and Glamorous - Modern Moto Magazine

Interior Design Area and Premium

then we continue to review the interior design of this Honda Civic. If the exterior design of this Honda Civic looks glamorous and elegant. So the interior design is also no less glamorous and elegant. Indeed from the beginning of the interior design of this Honda Civic looks premium. When viewed from within, this four-wheeled vehicle looks spacious with a black bandage. With its spacious interior space this vehicle can accommodate 4 to 5 passengers and also its driver. Then on the front of the cabin there is a dashboard equipped with various tech features. Starting from the Intelligent Multi Information Display that provides information about fuel, time to distance. Then there is also a Combination Meter with Multiplex Meter system with Eco Assistance which gives info about engine rotation. Then on the cooler or air conditioning, can provide extraordinary coolness. Its steering wheel also feels very fit because with Dual Pinion EPS system equipped with Tilt Steering and Telescopic Steering. This can make it easier to control his car. Well, how do you think about interior design?

Interior Design Honda Civic Area and Premium
Interior Design Honda Civic Area and Premium
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Dimensions of Fitting and Aerodynamics

Then switch about reviews about the dimensions of this latest generation Honda Civic. Physically, the long dimensions Honda Civic is measuring 4.630 mm, then width 2075 mm and height 1416 mm. Then the wheelbase of 2,700 mm and the front foothold is 1,547 mm and the rear distance is 1,563 mm. Well, with dimensions such size is not imaginary if indeed the dimensions of this Honda Civic feels Cool. Honda Civic 2016 also rely on suspension using MacPherson Strut system on the front. Then use the Multi Link suspension on the back. This makes it easier in handling and maneuvering. Then on the wheels sector, 10th generation honda civic car is also equipped with 17-inch alloy wheels Alloy and wrapped with tires 215/50 R17. This gives more sense of security and comfort when driving. Not to forget its braking system also rely on technology Brake Override System, ABS and also EBD. With this technology makes the quality of Honda Civic security more tech. So what do you think?

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After reviewing the exterior design, interior and its dimensions. This time we switch about the kitchen runway from Honda Civic. Of course with a glamorous design, elegant and premium. Nothing wrong if this sedan type car is also not to be outdone by other manufacturer cars. Yes, by planting a powerfull engine with 4-cylinder capacity of 1.498cc with Turbo DOHC VTEC technology. Making the performance of the Honda Civic 2016 is more leverage and powerful. Honda Civic engine can generate power of 173 ps at 5,500 rpm rotation and produce 220 Nm of torque at round 1700 rpm. With compression ratio of 10.6: 1. In addition, with the turbochanger technology also makes the engine engine performance is maximal again. The transmission system of this car also relies on advanced technology that is CVT with Earyh Dreams with 5 acceleration. This can make acceleration higher and faster. With embedded machines with increasingly sophisticated technology, then make the price of honda civic car is definitely a bit expensive.

Specifications and Price Honda Civic Latest July 2018 - Modern Moto Magazine
Technological and Safe Features

Then the last about what features are there on this Honda Civic. Well, the last thing we review about the Honda Civic is about the features that exist in this car. It starts from a safety feature that uses G CON and ACE technology. This technology can reduce the impact on the impact with something. Then the second feature of Dual SRS Airbag for 2 people on the front seat. Though this car is also equipped with ABS braking technology and EBD and Brake Override System. To keep watch and give more security to the passengers. Then there are other security features like Alarm System that can be heard when strangers touch the car. There are Keyless Entry feature, there is Autolock System, there is Smart Entry, Immobilizer and also Rear Trank Operator to open rear trunk door. In addition, there are also features for entertainment such as DVD Player, Mp3, Radio and many more. There are also other features such as HDMI port, Wireless USB Connection Wireless port, Bluetooth to Wifi Tethering. What do you think about the Honda Civic feature?

Safe Feature Honda Civic
Safe Feature Honda Civic

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Specification Honda Civic Complete Latest Modern Moto Magazine

Specification Honda Civic
Dimensions Cars Honda Civic
Dimensions (P x L x T) 4,630 x 2,075 x 1,416 mm
Wheelbase Distance 2.700 mm

Honda Civic Car Engine
VTEC Turbo DOHC Engine Type
Transmission Type CVT with Earth Dreams Technology
Capacity is 1.498 cc
Number of cylinders 4 cylinders in line
Maximum power 170 PS / 5,500 rpm
Maximum Torque of 220 Nm / 5,500 rpm
Bore x Stroke 73 x 86.5 mm
Compression ratio 10.6: 1
Direct Injection Fuel System

Honda Civic Car Frame
Structure Frame G-CON + ACE
Brake D / B Ventilated Disc / Disc
 Dual Pinion EPS Drive Type
D / B Suspension MacPherson Strut / Multi Link
Info Wheel Alloy Wheel 17 inches x 7j
Info Ban 215/50 R17

Exterior Honda Civic
Full Head LED Headtime with LED Daytime Running Night
Front Fog Lights
Door handle Chrome
Door Mirror Body Color (Power Retractable with LED)
VSA and Hill Start Assist OKE

Interior Cars Honda Civic
Number of Passengers 4 - 5 people
Intelligent Multi Information Display OKE
OKE Combination Meter
Console Box OKE

Honda Civic Security Features
Active Safety Standard System
Safety Belts (Front) Seatbelt 3P ELR (x2)
Safety Belt (Rear) Seatbelt 3P ELR (x3)
Key Type Smart Key
Side Impact Beam OKE
Dual Air Bags OKE
Side Curtain Air Bags OKE
Pedestrian Protection OKE
Keyless Entry OKE
Immobilizer OKE
Alarm System OKE
Keyless Trunk Opener OKE
Smart Entry OK

Price Honda Civic New Car
Here's the latest Honda Civic price:

Price Honda Civic New Car
Honda Civic 1.5 VTEC Turbo
New: 33,470.88 $ United States Dollar, -
Former: -
Honda Civic 1.5 ES VTEC Turbo
New: 33,680.07 $ United States Dollar, -
Former: -
Other Honda Car Prices
Honda Car Price All Type

The above price may change at any time

After seeing the reviews of this Honda Civic, then it seems we assume that the price of honda civic car is definitely very expensive. Yes, it's with that price you can get something that matches the money you spend. Keep in mind that there are used cars that could be an alternative if you can not buy a new car. A few reviews about the specifications and prices honda civic this time, may be useful and can be a reference.

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