Spec, Information and Price Honda Beat eSP Motorcycle

Specifications and Price Honda Beat eSP Motorcycle July 2018

Price Honda Beat eSP - In this modern era, motor skutik no longer have that model - that's all. Lately, many automotive companies are trying to redesign motor scooter becomes bigger and more sporty. One of them Honda, this Japanese company has modified skutik motor become more slim and sporty where this bike we are familiar with Honda Beat eSP.

Specifications and Price Honda Beat eSP - Moren Moto Magazine

Honda Beat eSP or which can also be called the Beat Street has been getting a lot of changes in various sectors either in the design or kitchen runway. In addition, the price of Honda Beat eSP is also quite cheap. Well, to know more about Honda Beat eSP, here we give short specifications and price of Honda Beat eSP.

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Minimalist Design Sporty

At the front, Honda Beat Street eSP equipped with a design that is frightening for the size of the motor scooter. Here you can find a large headlamp V-shaped and certainly LED technology. Not to forget a pair of sein lights have also been attached to both sides of this Honda motorcycle. Then in the middle, this bike has curves firmly elegant nan. Although not too flashy, but the curve - the curve is successful to make this bike looks sporty. Decoration striping ball is also increasingly supporting the appearance of this adventure motor. Uniquely, Honda Beat eSP uses a handlebar without a cover that is widely used on the trail bike. Largest on the back, this bike has a design with a stern that is tapered back at once directly blend with the seat or seat.

Specifications and Price Honda Beat eSP Motorcycle July 2018

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Speedometer More Friendly

Then a review of the speedometer or indicator panel of the latest Honda Beat eSP. Judging from the shape, the speedometer view of the motor is more easily understood friendly alias. The first thing in this motor speedometer is the panel of the machine indicator. Then the injection indicator panel, there is also a light indicator sein and headlights. In addition, there is also a panel ECO indicator that will light up and can make this bike more efficient. Even when his machine is turned off.

Speedometer Honda Beat More Friendly

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Small Dimensions and Stay Stylish

Honda Beat eSP has dimensions with a total length of 1.856 mm, width 741 mm, height 1,054 mm, and wheelbase 1,256 mm, and mass 92 kg. This motor is also supported by a very sturdy backbone framework. In the legs, this bike is equipped with 14-inch racing wheels are neatly wrapped with tires measuring 80 / 90-14 M / C 40 P at the front and 90/90 - 14 M / C 46 P at the rear. Meanwhile, to support safety and comfort, Honda Beat eSP also has good suspension and braking, in the suspension, this motor rely on telescopic suspension on the front and suspension swing arm type single shock absorbers on the back. While in the security sector, this bike uses a single piston hydraulic disc brakes on the front and the rear tromol. You need to know that Tromol brake is a brake commonly used on motor - motor scooter in general.

Honda Beat ESP Small Dimensions and Stay Stylish

Machine No Lost From Others

In the kitchen sector runway, Honda Beat eSP carrying type SOHC engine 4-stroke with a total capacity of 108.2 cc with automatic transmission. This machine is capable of generating power up to 6.38 kw / 7,500 rpm. Honda Beat eSP is capable of removing maximum torque up to 9.01 Nm at 6,500 rpm round. Then the power that came out was channeled into automatic transmission with V-Matic technology. As the name implies, this bike is also optimized with eSP technology with a compression ratio of 9: 5: 1 which makes Beat Street is more fuel efficient. Matic this one carries the capacity of 110 cc engine that is environmentally friendly, powerful and fuel efficient, with eSP technology (Enhanced Smart Power) to make this matic environmentally friendly and able to reduce energy wasted. In addition, with the injection PGM FI able to make this bike more efficient and efficient.

Enggine Machine Honda Beat eSP No Lost From Others

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Complete and Sophisticated Features

Then the last one about what features are on this Honda Beat eSP. In addition to having a reliable kitchen runway and a sporty design, this bike has also been equipped with a variety of excellent features such as Combi Brake System and ABS that strengthen the braking process. Then there is AHO lamp technology (Automatic Headlight On), then CBS technology and ISS (Idling Stop System) technology. Do not forget there is also a parking Brake Lock feature. Well, with the state of this increasingly complete feature. Provides comfort and safety for its riders. That Honda Beat eSP specs are presented more sophisticated.

Here are the specs of Honda Beat eSP:

Specification Motor Honda Beat eSP

Dimensional Motor Honda Beat eSP

  • Dimensions (P x L x T) 1.856 x 666 x 1,068 mm
  • Wheelbase Distance 1.280 mm
  • Sitting Height 740 mm
  • Lowest distance to ground 140 mm
  • Weight 92 (CW) / 93 kg (CBS type)

Frame Motor Honda Beat eSP

  • Frame Backbone
  • Telescopic Front Suspension
  • Swing Arm Rear Suspension with Single Shockbreaker
  • Front Tire Size 80/90 - 14 M / C 40P
  • Tire Size 90/90 - 14 M / C 46P
  • Front Brake Single Hydoric Piston Disc
  • Tromol Rear Brake
  • Brake System Combo System Braking System
  • Idling Stop System type CBS-ISS

Motor Engine Honda Beat eSP

  • Class 110 cc
  • Type 4-step, SOHC with air cooling, eSP
  • Diameter x Step 50 x 55.1 mm
  • Volume Step 108.2 cc
  • Comparison ratio 9.5: 1
  • Maximum 6.38 kW (8.68 PS) / 7.500 rpm
  • Torque 9.01 Nm (0.92 kgf.m) / 6.500 rpm
  • Starter ACG Starter, pedals & electric
  • Busi ND U22EPR-9, NGK CPR9EA-9

Motor Capacity Honda Beat eSP

  • Tank Capacity 4 liters
  • 0.8 liter Engine Lubricant Capacity
  • Automatic Transmission, V-Matic

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Price All New Honda Beat eSP

Honda Beat eSP motorcycle price is quite cheap. By paying only US $ 1000 you can take home motor matic adventure this gahar. How are you interested? Well that was a specification of the Honda beat eSP gais, now about the price ya, for the price itself depends on the type of beat eSP its gais. Here's the price table All New Honda Beat eSP:

Price  All New Honda Beat eSP
All New Honda Beat eSP CW
New: 1000 $, -
Former: -
All New Honda Beat eSP CBS
New: 1040 $, -
Former: -
All New Honda Beat eSP CBS-ISS
New: 1070 $, -
Former: -

Honda beat eSP has 3 types with different prices, and offers a variety of attractive color variants. Of the above three types Beat eSP CBS-ISS is the highest variant series of the other 2. Motor matic is equipped with new features and advanced and has a good performance. How? are you interested to buy it? Maybe so many friends otomonesia yes, do not forget to share and wait for other articles yes. A few of the reviews and prices honda beat eSP yes.

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