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Specification and Price of New or Used Honda Brio Car June 2018 - Modern Moto Magazine

Price of Brio car - Information on the specifications and prices of honda brio cars used and the latest this year. Since 2016, Honda has launched three variants of the latest Brio cars, namely: S, E, and RS. Third variant is a city car Honda mainstay.

City car is designed to travel on the highway of this crowded and stalled big city, fuel efficient, because the shape is fairly small. Although petite, all variants of the Brio car still look modern, stylish, and sporty. Coupled with technology, as well as a variety of features that qualified.

Honda is never careless in completing its products. Honda is always applying high technology and a variety of interesting features. Includes Brio cars for LCGC variants. This can be proven on the Satya Brio variant.

Heat reintroduction green tinted glass technology owned by Brio Satya variants create comfort, while in the car. This technology is able to reduce Ultra Violet rays from the sun.

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While the highest variant of Brio cars, namely RS, is equipped with a headlamp projector with LED lights, so that the lighting system at night to function optimally.

For the price of Brio car itself varies by type of variant. Starting from 130 million to 175 million rupiah. If you want to look sporty, Brio cars from RS variants, can be the best choice. If you give priority to comfort, high tech, but economical price, then the variant of Brio Satya is the right choice.
Specification and Price of New or Used Honda Brio Car June 2018 - Modern Moto Magazine
Specification and Price of New or Used Honda Brio Car June 2018 - Modern Moto Magazine

Exterior of Brio Car

Judging from the physical appearance, Brio car comes with a fresh style, and stylish.Tampilan is very suitable for young people, especially in urban areas.

Not just look stylish, but all that is attached to the outer look of the Brio car is very functional. Like the concept of double triangle form, for example. On the front, the Brio car has a grille and bamper design that karaketristiknya aggressive. In addition, the aura city car Brio cars are also visible from the radiator that has a glass fiber glass cover. While the foglamp contained in Brio cars, function to maximize the lighting system during the day and night. This foglamp is not owned by the Brio Satya variant.

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Exterior of the side of the Brio car, equipped with interesting features. You see, the retractable door mirror plus LED turning signals contained in this Brio car, can allow the driver to fold the rearview mirror with automatic touch.

In addition, for its own RS variant on the side has been equipped with features under side spoiler and 15-inch alloy wheels.

The existence of tail gate, on the back of the car Brio, make the appearance look more sporty. Here's a review of brio cars:

Interior Car Brio

Brio car comes with a minimalist concept, but does not reduce the comfort for the driver and passengers. This tiny car loaded with 5 passengers, feels roomy when it is in it. Plus the bench material used is good enough, and thick foam makes the passengers comfortable.

The interior of the Brio car comes with a dashboard that has a modern video audio system. The instrument panel on the dashboard has complete features, such as: audio system, USB, AC, CD, and DVD.

Other features found in the interior of the car Brio, among others: temperature settings equipped with a digital air conditioner system, audio steering swith that can manage audio without hands off the steering wheel, and other features such as tweeter speakers contained in the audio system.

Interior of Honda Brio Car
Interior of Honda Brio Car

Brio Car Engine
Brio cars have a formidable performance. Although somewhat petite, Brio car variants use 1.2 L SOHC inline cylinder engine technology, 16 valves i-VTEC + DBW.

The power generated from the 1.198cc engine reaches 88 hp per 6,000 rpm rotation, and 109 Nm of torque per 4.500 rpm rotation. Thus, the Brio car is fuel-efficient.

Technology drives by wire on the car engine Brio, functioning to control the open combustion engine, resulting in good acceleration.

In addition, CVC with earth dreams technology applied to the Brio car, makes the engine feel smooth, while doing gearshift.

Eco indicator is also added so that the driver can find out how to drive sparingly in real time. It can be detected from the driving mode.

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To find out more specifications of Brio cars, the following table of specifications along with Brio car price list based on the variant.

Specification Honda Brio

Brio Car Frames

  • Engine 1.2 L i-Vitec SOHC 4 cylinder
  • Fuel injection system
  • Fill the cylinder engine 1198 cc
  • Fuel Type Gasoline

  • Maximum power 90 PS at 6000 rpm
  • Maximum torque 109 Nm at 4500 rpm
  • McPherson Strut front suspension
  • Torsion Beam rear suspension
  • Drive by wire technology, Grace logic control

Capacity Honda Brio

  • 5 Speed ​​manual transmission
  • Emissions standards Meets Euro 4 criteria
  • 35 liter tank capacity

Dimensions Honda Brio

  • Length 3610 mm
  • Width 1680 mm
  • Height 1500 mm
  • Wheel axle distance 2345 mm
  • The lowest distance is 165 mm
  • Empty weight 930 kg
  • Tire size 175/65 R14
  • Number of passengers 5 People
  • Alloy Velg

Honda Brio brakes

  • Front Disc brakes
  • Drum rear brake
  • Features ABS EBD brakes

Security System Honda Brio

  • Safety features Dual SRS Air bag, G Con, seatbelt type pretensioner
  • Steer Electric power steering with collapsable type


  • Audio CD, MP3 USB
  • brio car price

Here's the latest brio car price:

Latest Brio Car Price

Price Type

  • Brio RS A / T 12,157.80 $ United States Dollar
  • Brio RS M / T 11,116.89 $ United States Dollar
  • Brio Satya E A / T 10,422.95 $ United States Dollar
  • Brio Satya E M / T 9,382.05 United States Dollar
  • Brio Satya S M / T 9,035.08 United States Dollar

Similarly information about the price of used and new brio cars that you can make reference before buying a car. Hopefully with that information can add knowledge about brio car.

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