Easy Tips On How To Fix The Injection Motorcycle

2 Easy Tips On How To Fix The Injection Motorcycle - Modern Moto Magazine

Currently enough motorcycles are already using fuel supplies using injection technology, and for conventional motorcycles the carburetor system still exists but not too much compared to the injection system, especially for the 2014 Motorcycle output to date.

For those of you who use Motorcycle with injection system and experience in Motorcycle injection problem that is strike then through 2 tips below I will tell the secret how to repair injection Motorcycle that strike.

Before bringing a motorcycle to a workshop that you trust or to an authorized dealer's shop then the 2 tips below will probably help you in terms of alternatives how to turn a Motorcycle injection strike, with us know how to improve the Motorcycle injection of course will also save our living expenses hehe.

2 tips below are written because it comes from some experience of people who have experienced in terms of how to improve the Motorcycle injection, before I explain to you about how to fix the Motorcycle with injection system that strikes then below I will explain a little about the development of the Motorcycle in Indonesia.

Motorcycle with current injection system in Indonesia is quite mushrooming and this technology is also very popular in the community in general, because it is using the simtem injection technology has several advantages compared to carburetor system, the advantages of using this injection technology such as more fuel efficient use and also more environmentally friendly because the working system of the Motorcycle engine injection is made more sophisticated again, then the design of the Motorcycle injection is usually cooler than the carburetor Motorcycle type design so that more people who like the Motorcycle injection plus the feature feature offered every Motorcycle offered to consumers, so with some of these features make us want to have it, so I would not be surprised if the Motorcycle by using this injection technology into the Motorcycle recommendations for you have.

To overcome the actual Motorcycle injection there are several possibilities that can be done if your Motorcycle has problems when ridden a strike or can not live, of the many users of motorcycle injection that experienced problems that suddenly strike or not live or it could be when the gas condition is not stable when driving and suddenly strike, if you experience the problem then do not panic or confused immediately hehe because below I will tell how to fix the Motorcycle injection and also what causes the Motorcycle injection strike or do not want to live.

Without having to wait long below I will explain to you all about how to fix injection Motorcycle that suddenly strike, or do not want to live or unstable gas conditions.

Causes and How to Fix Motorcycle Injection Who Does not Want to Live
2 tips below if you practice correctly will certainly help you in overcoming Motorcycle injection problems that strike alias do not want to live.

Easy Tips On How To Fix The Injection Motorcycle - Modern Moto Magazine

The first thing you check is the condition of the battery on your Motorcycle , the life of the Motorcycle by using this injection system technology is very dependent on the battery that is strong or weakness of the battery, because if no battery or akinya is weak * tekor then Motorcycle injection guaranteed will not be able to live , for that thing you can do is check your Motorcycle injection battery whether it is still good or have weak, if still good try you check on fuse connecting part whether break or not, if broken then you can buy with new and replace it, besides also you can check on the key of the contact, that's how to fix things if the problem is on the battery, but if the above you have checked and ignition conditions are not working properly then all you can do is replace the aka with new * most Motorcycle vixion is on the battery, for another Motorcycle may have different problems, or you can take it to ben gkel the nearest motorcycle to consult about your injection Motorcycle in strike does not want to live.
Easy Tips On How To Fix The Injection Motorcycle - Modern Moto Magazine
Fuel oil
The next reason why your injection motor breaks down or does not want to live is oil or fuel. Many events that often occur in the motor injection system is the occurrence of blockage in the engine, especially on the injector filter, which means injectors and engine filters.

You need to know that the blockage in this part occurs due to the buildup of dirt on the engine so that it causes the flow of gasoline or fuel oil into the combustion chamber to be obstructed alias is not smooth and this is what makes your injection motor unstable condition in gas * brebet.

For how to repair the injection motor with a case like this then you can check on the parts of the engine and injection system work. You can start by opening the motor engine and checking on the part if it is true there is dirt on the part then you have to clean it.

Please note that the waste disposal process should be done with great care, you can use gasoline and also liquid injector cleaner that can be purchased at the workshop.

To use this injector cleaner usually stay in the spray to the injector of your motor until the dirt on your machine can be removed and clean. If the dirt is out of the machine then you can close or re-install the mesinya circuit and the motor injection problem is resolved.

as an additional try in doing this do not get the wrong method hehe because if something goes wrong then not a motor to be good even be broken into the motor, if it is trying but still not live then you can take it to the nearest workshop more expert in terms of repairing motor injection.

For those of you motor injection users, if your motor has a problem that is broken or damaged or you have repaired the motor with 2 tips that I explain above that is by replacing the battery and clean the injector with the injector cleaner but still can not live then I suggest to bring the motor you to the official workshop because in the official workshop usually has a more complete equipment than the workshop motor in general, but it is also a tool used more sophisticated and all-digital. In addition, this injection motor has a certain part that is very sensitive, so if not done very carefully, it can cause your motor damage to the engine.

So the information that discusses about 2 Easy Tips How to Fix Motor Injection True, hopefully the above information useful and do not forget to like, comment and share for more who benefit from the above.

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