3 Powerful Tips on How to Fix Motorcycle Strike Do not Want to Live

3 Powerful Tips on How to Fix Motorcycle Strike Do not Want to Live - Modern Moto Magazine

Do you have problems with the motor that is experiencing the motor incident suddenly broke down while driving or it could be when the first time in life but do not want to live alias no signs of life, well below tips if you can do to overcome the problem how how to fix a broken motor.

You need to know that there are fixing the motor that strike there are 3 things you need to know and understand including the combustion, ignition and also compression on the motor, the above three things have become the formula aka 3 important elements in motorcycle vehicles from various brands and models. If one does not function properly then your motorcycle or motorcycle is guaranteed not to be able to live and this can also be applied to other engine machines such as motorcycle engines, car engines, generator sets and so forth.

For those of you who experience problems when riding a motorcycle that suddenly broke down during the middle of the road or at home or when the motor was first turned on not want to live then do not be confused, panic and so forth, you panic and confused maybe because you do not know what causes and how fix the broken bike. Most people who experience the problem that is a motor strike usually the person immediately brought his bike to the workshop without any effort to fix it * if I used to like this hehe, now prefer to learn from every problem faced wkwk. Ok right away here is a complete explanation on how to fix a broken motor and some things you need to consider and understand.

3 Tips On How To Fix Motorbikes That Are Not Struggling Lives 

Here are 3 things you should look for when checking a motorcycle strike or do not want to live.

3 Powerful Tips on How to Fix Motorcycle Strike Do not Want to Live - Modern Moto MagazineAs we know that the motorcycle can live because of the combustion system on the engine, and the fuel needed / used is usually fuel oil (gasoline, pertamax and diesel). Well what you can do at this stage is to check the channel of fuel that flows into the carburetor, if the gasoline into the fuel room smoothly then you need to check on the carburetor, that means you do the service on the carburetor who knows in the carburetor there is dirt blocking gasoline into the combustion chamber. Usually in this problem that often happens that the carburetor conceded water so that the motor does not want to live because in the motor tank there is water coming in, or it could be on the needle spuyernya clogged.

Next you can check on the ignition part, generally every motor vehicle must have ignition, to ignition type of motorcycle brand Honda (Honda Astrea Grand, Honda Supra, Honda Win 100, GL Pro, Honda Revo old version, Honda Tiger 2000 Old), then to Suzuki Jet Collet / RC, Suzuki Tornado, Suzuki Satria 2T), then for Yamaha brand such as (Yamaha Fiz R, Yamaha Crypton, Yamaha Vega R Old, Yamaha RX King). To check on the type of motor I mentioned above first you must check is the component parts spull / stator assy. On a black-and-red cable connected to the spool you can check whether you fire it or not, if no fire means the splash on your motor is damaged then you have to replace it with a new one. If the splash is finished, then you can continue to the other ignition that is on the fire path coming out of CDI, if the motor you have is the honda brand usually the color of the cable is black-yellow, then for the brand suzuki then the cable color orange and for yamaha brand color cable orange also.

You can check the cable whether there is fire or not after checking and the ignition path of CDI is still good then the next step is you can check the ignition out of the motor component called COIL, if the component is still working then the last step is you can check on part of the spark plug, well this last stage is one cause the motor does not want to live alias strike. If you have checked the component components I mentioned above such as (spull / stator assy> CDI> COIL> Spark plug). If in the section I mentioned above the situation is still good I am sure that the problem is not on ignition. * additional, if the above you have checked, do not forget also to check whether the ignition is on or off.

For those of you who have the motor I mentioned are the absolute GL Pro Revo, Honda Kharisma, Supra X 125, New Mega Pro, New Mega Pro, Revo Fit, Blade, Neotech, then for Motor Matic type brand honda and all models of motor branded honda released the output of 2011 and above. then for Suzuki Shogun, Suzuki Axelo, Smash, Thunder, Satria FU, Shogun 125, then for all types of Motor Matic Suzuki and all models of motor suzuki that release or output in 2007 and above and for Yamaha Brand Motor such as Yamaha Vixion, Yamaha Jupiter Z, Vega ZR, Yamaha Vega R New, Scorpio, then all types of Motor Matic Brand Yamaha and all models of Yamaha brand motor output in 2006.

All the motors that I mentioned above each have differences on the part of the ignition system, well where the hell lies the difference ..? yes lies the difference that is on the Spull / Stator Assy.

The function of the splash on the motor that is only help do the check on the motor battery to be transferred through kiprok / regulator with a note that the battery / motor battery used is still good or not. Oiya for the color of the splash cord that mentrasnfer fire to kiprok is white color and for the yellow light cord (for the color of the cable above almost all motorcycle color cord all the same)

If you have checked on the white cable from the spull and still good ignition then can go to the kiprok / regulator, then also you can check the red color cable in the plug kripok, red cable has a function to perform charging (cas ) on the battery. If you already check semunaya and still good condition then you can check next step that I explain above that is at part CDI, COIL and Busi, do not forget also to turn motor ignition.

For the record, for you users of motor yamaha matic new or old try memililki motorcycle battery is still good because if not good alias is soak then when distarter can not live but if the battery is still good and strong then when turned on with starter will be able to live .

Next we discuss about the motor vehicle, well in this section may be one of the last examination is in the compression of the motor. If you have done a motor check on point 1 and point 2 and everything is still good alias working properly then the last thing you check is motor compression. To check the compression you can first open the spark plug on the motor, then you can close the spark plug hole with your index finger then you can start the starter or crank (kick starter), if you feel that there is a strong compression kick means on your motorcycle parts no problem, but if weak means on the part of one component in our motor engine there is a broken / problematic. There are several possibilities why the compression of the weak motor such as the valve setting is too tight, then leaked on the valve, workshop on the valve, piston ring weak. Well if you've experienced it then you should bring to the nearest motorcycle repair shop on your premises to fix it.

Similarly, information that discusses about 3 Powerful Tips How to Fix Motor that Strike Not Want Life, hopefully the above information can help you in knowing the damage to our motorcycle strike or do not want to live,

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