Supermoto Kawasaki D-Tracker X Final Edition

Supermoto Kawasaki D-Tracker X Final Edition and Its Price -modern moto magazine

Kawasaki is one of the motor manufacturers that produce motor sport that is sold in the market, for example, kawasaki ninja 250. Ninja 250 kawasak motor even until now there are many peminatnya, even the community in Indonesia is already mushrooming.

Kawasaki motorcycle recently released its Kawasaki D-tracker X Final Edition which is a facelift or refresh from the D-tracker X 250.

As we know that the motor Kawasaki Dtracker is one of the superior products of the kawasaki manufacturer who entered in the category of supermoto class motor.

Until now for manufacturers such as Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki or other manufacturers in Indonesia there is no motor producing Supermoto type. Kawasaki's top markotop has been able to create its own market and there are still able to match the D-tracker as a motor that is available and has a dashing body design.

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Well maybe you already have a question ..? what is the kawasaki d-tracker latest 250 version of this latest edition ...? see below for more details.
Supermoto Kawasaki D-Tracker X Final Edition and Its Price -modern moto magazine

best image of Kawasaki-D-Tracker-X-Final-Edition Newest

From the information we get that kawasaki motor Dtracker X 250 last edition is already equipped with a single cylinder engine with a capacity of 250 cc with a cooling machine. D-tracker motor engine is including a full-power engine because it can generate maximum power up to 24 Horsepower at 9000 rpm rotation, while for torque itself can reach 21 Nm maximum at 7000 rpm rotation. For the overall weight of the motor kawasaki d-tracker 250 final edition is about 138 kg is not too heavy aka light enough that can maneuver easily at this time with high speed rate.

Using DOHC 4 valve engine type on kawasaki motor d-tracker x final edition 250 which has been refined with fuel system that make engine become more responsive, speeding, efficient and more powerful at this time in all road terrain.

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Use with full technology injeksion this function to improve fuel efficiency in d-tracker x engine final edition more efficient than previous generations.

In terms of its own design kawasaki motor d-tracker x 250 final edition is still the same as previous versions, just for the 2016 facelift version of this kawasaki pin with blue design combined with black base color that makes the look becomes more cool.

Supermoto Kawasaki D-Tracker X Final Edition and Its Price -modern moto magazine

Supermoto Kawasaki D-Tracker X Final Edition and Its Price -modern moto magazine

Supermoto Kawasaki D-Tracker X Final Edition and Its Price -modern moto magazine

In order for kawasaki motor d-tracker looks more sporty then on the front of the body kawasaki D-tracker x final edition is released with striping that reads Logo D and Final Edition. Besides that also as you see in the picture above, for the foot legs aka velg that has ever been painted using blue, the motor look becomes more cool and sporty

As reported by the site, this one supermoto already equipped with disc braking system, which for the front has a diameter of 300 mm and then for the disc brakes section has a diameter of 240 mm.

For the suspension part that is also kawasaki supermoto motor d-tracker x final edition is for the front shockbreaker using telescopic type of fork that has a diameter of 43 mm, while for the suspension of parts using monoshock uni-trak.

Equipped with a comfortable suspension and then make kawasaki d-tracker x final edition is very played by heroes lovers of adventure motor that can all the terrain. Especially this one motor has a fairly light weight, coupled with a comfortable design to drive in all terrain either offroad or on the asphalt road.

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Reportedly from some information that I read on the internet, kawasaki motor dtracker 250 x final edition will begin to be marketed in the coming months and this motor is priced at approximately 546,840 yen if the rupiah is about 68 million. Unfortunately kawasaki motor d-tracker x final edition 250 is not yet marketed in Indonesia, is still marketed in Japan only, so we wait once when marketed in Indonesia hehe, have been curious ya nih same motor.

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