Specifications and Price All New Yamaha R15 Latest April 2018

Specifications and Price All New Yamaha R15 Latest April 2018  - Modern Moto Magazine

Price Yamaha R15 - Information on the list of specifications yamaha r15 and price yamaha r15 2017 both used and new. What is the price of the Yamaha r15? Yamaha r15 can be regarded as a pioneer motor sport fairing 150 cc in the ground water, and the current Yamaha continues to innovate to capture the hearts of consumers with a variety of innovations. If we want to have it of course very important we know the price of Yamaha r15 first before we come to the dealer yamaha. But so that we no doubt hesitate again to propose Yamaha r15 we need to know the history and also the Yamaha r15 specifications and prices latest Yamaha r15

Yamaha ad is a manufacturer of two-wheeled vehicles originating from the land of the rising sun. Initially Yamaha does not produce motor vehicles but also produces musical instruments. With the passage of time yamaha meproduksi motor vehicle to date but still also produce musical instruments. For yamah motorcycle in production by pt Yamaha motor indonesia centered in cikarang.

Specifications and Price All New Yamaha R15 Latest April 2018  - Modern Moto Magazine

Yamaha r15 as I mentioned above is a motor sport type fairing. Yamaha r15 first appeared in india in 2008 (we call r15 v1) for its exact same shape with yamah vixion but given front fairing. For the machine in the stretcher is also exactly the same as vixion. And the Yamaha Indonesia at that time has not been interested to bring this motor to the ground.

India again provide an upgrade on this r15, striking changes made in the fairing sector and also the stern and also upgraded in the machinery sector. we call it r15v2, the shape of r15 v2 if we look very similar to Yamaha r6 so often dubbed as baby r6. And finally in 2014 the Yamaha is pleased to bring this bike to the ground water. when it is done online indent, where 1500 r15v2 sold out in a day, of course with special prices and also the bonus helmet HJC Lorenzo. In addition to motor r15 fairing also has other advantages compared to competitors who already use banana arm.

And in 2017, Yamaha launched the latest version of r15. With the name of all new Yamaha R15, this is the third version. In response to the emergence of sport fairing from other manufacturers such as cbr150r and gsx R150. on all new Yamaha R15 can be said to occur facelift makor where absolutely not seen the rest of the line designdri r15 previous version (total change)

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all new Yamaha R15 has been using VVA (Variable Valve Actuation) technology that makes the new engine of all new Yamaha R15 more powerful and certainly more fuel efficient. For the design look more sporty with grooves aggressive flowing body. For all new Yamaha R15 headlamps use two lights that have full LED and also display speedometer is also full digital make all new Yamaha R15terlhat more modern. Plus for shock breaker already used upside down, 100% added kalu according to my personal.

Here I give the table Yamaha specifications all new Yamaha R15 2017:

Specifications All New Yamaha R15

  • Dimensions 1.990 X 725 X 1,135 mm
  • Sitting Height 815 mm
  • The Distance of Rod Axis is 1,325 mm
  • Weight 137 kg
  • Liqquid Cooled 4-Stroke Engine Type, SOHC
  • Number of Single Cylinder Cylinders
  • Cylinder Volume 155.1 cc
  • Bore X Stroke 58 X 58.7 mm
  • Compression Rate 11.6: 1
  • Maximum power 14.2 kW (19,3 HP) @ 10,000 rpm
  • Maximum Torque 14.7 Nm @ 8,500 rpm
  • Electric Starter System
  • 11 Liter Fuel Capacity
  • Fuel Injection Burning System
  • Clutch Type Wet Type Multi-Plate Clutch
  • Front Tire Size 100 / 80-17 M / C 52P
  • Size of Rear Tires 140 / 70-17 M / C 66S
  • Front Suspension UpSide Down
  • Rear Arm Alarm Rear Suspension

Specifications and Price All New Yamaha R15 Latest April 2018  - Modern Moto Magazine

Review of Yamaha R15 2017

A little discussion of all new Yamaha R15 I think personally why the price of motor Yamaha R15 sangan worth we redeem

1. Engine performance

As I said before, all new Yamaha R15 has been using VVA tenogy which is a new technology from Yamaha. diaman all new Yamaha R15, capable of removing peak power 14.3 KW or 19.3 HP at 10,000 rpm. And the torque released 14.7 NM at 8,500 rpm. SOHC engine with a total capacity of 155.1 cc belonging to all new Yamaha R15 can certainly produce great power and of course fuel economy. all new Yamaha R15 has also been pinned assistive & slipper clutch technology to require gearshift and increase acceleration speed. And liquid cooler as a cooling system for when in the run to run at maximum speed does not happen over heat.

2. Display

Slit lights with dual lamp that has been using the LED bulb makes the look of all new Yamaha R15 getting terlihan cool, plus the stern sector is also full led. So is the area of the speedometer that looks solid, not empty and is full digital.

3. Braking
all new Yamaha R15 sudh equipped disc braking system, for front and rear wheels. So that makes us more secure if at the time braked suddenly. In addition, it can also reduce the risk of accidents due to less brakes grip.

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For the price of Yamaha r15 second hand and new at this time dibandrol with price as follows:

Price Yamaha R15 2017

All new Yamaha R15

  • New: $ 4000
  • Former: - $ 3400

After reading the above reviews we are already the same knowing the price of Yamaha R15, hopefully can be a consideration of you in buying your dream bike and there is no doubt heart when married.

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