New Toyota Venture Price 2018, Specifications & Reviews

New Toyota Venture Price 2018, Specifications & Reviews - Modern Moto Magazine

Price New Toyota Venture - Maybe almost all car manufacturers will not be there forever to always present its newest product. As with the car manufacturer named Toyota which recently presented its newest product, where the latest product named Toyota Venturer. Toyota Venturer is one of the cars of Toyota Innova and is the most expensive type that was previously Toyota Innova Q. When looking from the name alone can be ascertained if the latest car from Toyota will present many advantages.

Is the latest generation of course famous car manufacturers present a look that looks elegant and luxurious. As for the interior line is also no less luxurious and even will be presented with many advanced features-canggoh and maxsimal comfort. As with the other types, Toyota Venture will also be available in two engine options that can be selected by its customers later. To know more details you can see the Toyota Venture Specifications and Prices from below.
New Toyota Venture Price 2018, Specifications & Reviews

Specifications and Price New Toyota Venture

  • 2.0 Q 2.4 Q Diesel
  • Dimensions 4,735 x 1,830 x 1,795 mm 4,735 x 1,830 x 1,795 mm
  • Wheelbase Distance 2,750 mm 2,450 mm
  • Distance of Front Pajak 1,420 mm 2,750 mm
  • Riding Distance 1.540 mm 1,540 mm
  • Engine Type 1TR-FE 4 Cylinders In-Line, 16 valve DOHC with Dual VVT-i 2GD FTV 4 Cylinder In-line, 16 valve DOHC with VNT Intercooler
  • Capacity 1,998 cc 2,393 cc
  • Number of Cylinders 4 - line 4 - in line
  • Number of Valves 16 Valves 16 Valves
  • Diameter x Step - -
  • Maximum power 139 PS / 5,600 rpm 149 PS / 3,400 rpm
  • Maximum Torque 18.7 Kgm / 4,000 rpm 36.7 Kgm / 1,200 - 2,600 rpm
  • Fuel System - -
  • Tank Capacity - -
  • 6 Speed ​​A / T Transmission Sport Sequential Switchmatic 6 Speed ​​A / T with Sequential Sport Switchmatic
  • Front Brake Ventilated Disc Ventilated Disc
  • Drum Rear Drum Brakes
  • Front Double Wishbone with Coil Spring and Stabilizer Double Wishbone with Coil Spring and Stabilizer
  • Rear Suspension 4 Link with Coil Spring and Lateral Road 4 Link with Coil Spring and Lateral Road
  • Tire Size 215/55 R17 215/55 R17
  • Black Polished Alloy Black Polished Alloy Wheels

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New Toyota Venture Review 2018 review

Design and Dimensions
Since ancient times Totoya is always bringing a lot of cars with a specification mumpuni and also look sporty, elegant and certainly look more luxurious. It is also delivered by the latest MPV car from the New Toyota Venture, you can see for yourself that starts at the front part. On the front will see the main lights located on the left and right, while in the middle there is a chrome accents that look very luxurious. For the whole is very okay once to the part belakngnya which both look sporty and luxurious.
Specifications and Price New Toyota Venture

As for the interior side will also be less luxurious with the exterior side, even anada feel very comfortable when it entered the interior of the New Toyota Venture. Bagaiaman not, the article Toyota has pinned a lot of interesting features that can give the impression very comfortable when driving. Especially for the front there is a dashboard with an elegant design equipped with many buttons to provide comfort while driving. Even the interior space also felt very relieved and able to fill with 7 passengers.

This car manufacturer is not kidding in presenting every new car, even it will be very commensurate with the price of New Toyota Venture that has been priced. Moreover, the car has a dimension dimension with a length of 4735 mm, width 1830 mm and height 1795 mm, while for the distance of the wheel axis 2,750 mm with the distance of front and rear 1.540 mm. When we look at the size dimension is very suitable for this MPV type car, so it can produce a stable balance and certainly can be filled with enough passengers.

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Robust Runway Performance

Continuing on the kitchen sector pacunya, for the core of the car made by Toyota does have a very strong performance and full power. How not, the article Toyota has membekalinya with type 1TR-FE 4 Cylinders In-Line engine, 16 valve DOHC with Dual VVT-i with engine capacity of 1.998 cc, the machine is claimed to produce very good performance once. New Toyota Venture is equipped with manual transmission system and matic, in fact this car is equipped with two engine type options that each type of machine has the same good performance.

Armed with such a machine New Toyota Venture capable of producing maxsimalnya power that reaches 139 PS at 5,600 rpm engine speed, while for torque can reach 18.7 Kgm at 4,000 rpm engine speed. As for the tope 2.4 Diesel engine capable of generating power to reach 149 PS at 3,400 rpm engine speed and torque 36.7 Kgm at engine speed 1,200 - 2,600 rpm. Both machines are capable of producing powerful and okay, so it will be very commensurate with the price of the New Toyota Venture is priced.
Robust Runway Performance

Suspension and Legs

Not only equip the performance of the kitchen pacunya strong, Toyota also equip the suspension system and legs with a level of comfort and security is very maxsimal. For the suspension use Double Wishbone type with Coil Spring and Stabilizer for the front, while for the back use 4 Link with Coil Spring and Lateral Road. Both suspension systems are believed to be very capable to withstand the vibrations that occur when the engine is turned on, but also for the balance is very stable.

Very commensurate with the price of New Toyota Venture that has been priced, the article in pembekalnnya very comparable to everything. Diman for the system of legs using a material that is very sturdy and strong, so as to sustain the load on this car. Meanwhile, to stop the speed of this car, Toyota membekalinya with Ventilated Disc type brakes for the front, while for the rear using Drum brake type. Both braking systems are able to stop the car speed perfectly.

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Complementary Features

Just as with the cars in general, where each type of car will be presented many features that can provide comfort and security. For security features has been equipped with braking feature ABS ABS is the feature that serves to maximize braking and prevent the occurrence of locking on the wheels. Of course there are many more features that are presented on this one car, so users will feel very comfortable when driving.
New Toyota Venture Price 2018, Specifications & Reviews - Modern Moto Magazine

There are also entertainment features such as audio that can discard your saturation while traveling, there is also air conditioning that can provide fresh air temperature when the weather is hot. Really comparable not with the price of New Toyota Venture, especially for headlampnyasudah use LED lights which are able to provide brighter lighting. As for keselamatanya there is a seat belt, dual SRS Air Bag. Oh yeah almost forgot, New Toyota Venture also dielngkapi with Smart Entry Key that can meberikan ease for all.

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