6 Excess Tire Filled with Nitrogen

6 Excess Tire Filled with Nitrogen - Modern Moto Magazine

Nitrogen is a type of limp that has a chemical element N in the periodic table of elements. Nitrogen has an atomic number 7, and is a chemical that has a gas form, which is odorless, colorless, and is a diatomic gas that is not a metal type, but remains stable, and very difficult to react with other chemical compounds.

Nitrogen is usually used for certain purposes, one of which is for wind charging in the tire. Currently this technology is very commonly applied, where nitrogen is used instead of wind compressor in filling wind pressure.

There are several reasons that make nitrogen is currently one of the compounds used to fill the wind pressure in vehicle tires, namely:
6 Excess Tire Filled with Nitrogen - Modern Moto Magazine
Tire pressure is more stable
The surplus of the first nitrogen-filled tire is the more stable tire pressure. With nitrogen filled, then the tire pressure on your vehicle will become much more stable. This is related to the overall tire pressure, which at a certain temperature when using ordinary oxygen, tire pressure may change change, so the tire becomes flat.

When you use nitrogen to fill the wind inside your material, this is of course not the case, because nitrogen is a type of element that is not easily contaminated and influenced by other elements, so it will keep your tire pressure steady.

More durable
Yes, as a positive impact of tire pressure becomes more stable, then this indicates that the nitrogen in your vehicle tires will also last longer than using ordinary oxygen wind. This certainly has many advantages for you, for example you do not have to bother to recharge the wind in your vehicle tires in a short time and also fast. Moreover, the tropical temperature in Indonesia, which can facilitate the tire pressure to decline when only filled by ordinary oxygen wind only.

Handling more steady
Some riders, both cars and motorbikes have claimed that the use of nitrogen in tires in their vehicles is very profitable, because it makes their vehicles more stable, especially in terms of handling. This is due to the more durable nature of nitrogen and also causes the tire pressure to be much more stable. With more stable tire pressure, then this of course will greatly affect the condition of handling of every vehicle that uses nitrogen, especially for two-wheeled vehicles aka motor vehicles.

Not cause moisture and cause the element of water in the tire or alloy wheels
Nitrogen is an element that has N content, and has no water content. In contrast to ordinary winds in general, which when experiencing certain reactions can bring dew and water. This water if too long in the wheel, can cause corrosion. This will be very annoying, especially if you use alloy wheels made of iron, which are prone to rust. In addition, the water content in the tire due to this chemical reaction can cause the tire to be heavier and of course will affect your driving conditions everyday.

Because more durable, then the shape and size of the tires become more awake
Tire size can also be affected by the nitrogen conditions in it. Yes, nitrogen is a more stable element, so as on point number one causes the tire pressure to become more stable. The more stable tire pressure will then cause the size pattern and also the tire shape to be more awake. Compare when you use ordinary wind to fill the wind pressure on your tires. Unstable pressure will cause the tire to be easily deflated and this will damage the shape of the tire if left continuously.

Grip on the tires for the better
Still based on the fact that the use of nitrogen is much more stable when compared with ordinary wind contents. This bolts grip or tire grip with asphalt and also the road becomes much more stable and also much more optimal. Cegkraman or grip tires that become more optimal is of course very helpful for you in driving.

There are many positive effects of grip alias better tire grip, among others:

  • Acceleration and topspeed of vehicles is getting better
  • The use of fuel becomes more optimal
  • Tires are more durable, because the frictional force is better
  • Handling becomes much more optimal
  • Drive will be more comfortable

Despite having a lot of advantages in using nitrogen for tires, however nitrogen is still quite expensive, and quite difficult to find. We can only fill the nitrogen at certain gas stations, or certain workshops. Even a roadside tire repairman does not have nitrogen filling.

So, quite difficult for us, and also nitrogen is still quite expensive. We can spend only 2 thousand rupiah to pump our tires with wind compressor, but can spend more than 10 thousand rupiah to fill the wind in our tires using nitrogen.

Always fill your tire pressure according to manufacturer's suggestions, loads, and other specifications

There are several provisions in filling the tire pressure of your vehicle. although using nitrogen as a tire pressure filling medium, however, it should be noted that special provisions may affect the performance of the tire and also your vehicle.

Here are some tips you can apply to fill the nitrogen in your tires, to get the optimum benefits of using nitrogen in your tires:

Adjust your tire pressure to the specification of the tire and also the recommended maximum load. You can see it in the vehicle usage manual, or the codes on your vehicle tires
When using the same tire size on the front and also the rear of the vehicle, then you can make the tire pressure on the front is lower than the rear tire.
Preferably, the tire pressure, on each tire is balanced, so that each tire has the same pressure, or at least has the same tire pressure ratio.

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