3 Tips How To Choose The Best And Cheap Car Windows Tint Film

Top ! 3 Tips How To Choose The Best Cheap and Good Car Windows Tint Film - Modern Moto Magazine

The name of the comfort people will surely spend a little tubunganya to buy something, well something that can be a car window film for the car used more comfortable again when used driving outside the city and other purposes. Leisure is already no 1, the function of a beautiful car window film is to protect the heat from the sun, the window film of the car also as a deterrent for criminal acts to be committed on people who are in the car or on the car. Well maybe you've been curious is not about how to choose a good window film and also the price of the car window film ...? If you have been curious directly just below I paste the tips as well as the price list of car window film that you can make reference.

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Here are some tips and ways to get the best car window film that you can make reference before buying.

1. Famous Brand
Goods that have good quality biasnya derived from the brand brand is quite well known at least already recognized in Indonesia more even more already SNI (national standard Indonesia). To choose the brand of car window film you can read the review first review in the forum or on personal blog blogs that already have experience about a good brand.

2. Guaranteed Car Film Glass
For famous branded glass film products usually provide warranty on products offered to konsunmen (buyer), the warranty can be a new dressing. Well a good window film products usually have a warranty well what if the window film car does not have a warranty ..? of course, indicated fake film glass. Be careful in choosing a car window film because nowadays a lot of fake car movie glass, so clever pinter is in choosing a shop or shop when you buy the car glass.
Top ! 3 Tips How To Choose The Best Cheap and Good Car Windows Tint Film - Modern Moto Magazine
3. Choose the best car window film specifications
In choosing a good window film you can consider by looking at the specifications offered, keep an eye on the specifications that exist in the product and do not forget to match the needs and comfort of the car vehicle you use. You can compare some products and specifications with different brands in order to get the best choice.

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Well to choose the window film of this car must have a total percentage of visible light rejected high. Well for the specification / benchmark / element you can see the point point below:

  • Visible light Transmittance = meaning is the percentage of total incoming light.
  • Visibe light Reflectance = meaning is the percentage of total reflection from incoming light.
  • UV Rejected = meaning is the percentage of ultraviolet radiation damping.
  • R Rejected = meaning is Percentage of infrared red heat.

If you have the desire to have a good and precise window film. you need to choose based on the specification that I have mentioned above. or you can directly ask the experts is a special workshop that has the service of selling window film car.Usually more sellers know details about what we want to stay how much money (money) we have.

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