3 Things That Will Happen if the Air Filter on Motorcycle is dirty

3 things that will happen if the air filter on Motorcycle is dirty - Modern Moto Magazine

The air filter on the motor has the function of filtering out free air before entering the combustion chamber. Therefore, if the air filter is getting dirty, it is important for us to be cleaned up immediately, the cleaning should be on a regular basis.

Along with the many activities every day that use the motor, a lot of dust or other particles that enter into the air filter that makes the foam and insulation become dirty. If we let stand, then gradually dust will piled on the air filter and will disrupt the performance of the engine until the use of fuel to be wasteful.

The required air volume of the engine will be inhibited if the Filters are dirty due to dust clogging, consequently the pengkabutan is not balanced because it uses more fuel than air. Things like this make the motor end up more wasteful of fuel when used.

That is one of the impacts that occur if the air filter on your motor is dirty, but there are still many other impacts that occur due to dirty air filters. For more details, what are the effects that occur if the air filter is dirty, let us refer to the following article:

Motorcycle Air Filters
Motorcycle Air Filters

1. Wasteful Fuel

The impact of dirty filters on the first motor is wasteful of fuel. As mentioned above, if the air filter is dirty it will be possible that the fogging system will use more fuel than the air to be supplied to the fuel chamber. That way the fuel will become more wasteful. cause of such wasteful bike has become a must for you know ya buddy.

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2. Tensile Feelings

The impact of a dirty filter on the second motor if the dirty air filter is the pull becomes heavy. Motor condition ngempos lap top or any motor ngempos at high rpm. How not, dirty air filters will automatically lift incoming air. By reducing the air needed by the carburetor as a fuel mixer, there will be a lot of fuel expenditure compared to air, so it will cause the combustion work system in the combustion chamber is not perfect and cause the pull on the motor will become heavy. Very annoying is not it?

3. Affect Age of Spark Plug

Dirty air filter is actually not too dangerous if we leave it alone, but if the dust is too much even to accumulate on the air filter then it will affect the life spark plug. It could be that the dirt that accumulates on the air filter will enter the combustion chamber and cause the crust on the combustion chamber.

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That will affect the life spark plugs become shorter. As a result we have to replace the spark plugs with new ones. Before replacing the spark plug, you should first know how to clean the spark plug motor to save money ya bud.

Therefore, for the performance of the combustion chamber and the engine is maintained then the air filter must be routinely cleaned. Because if the air filter is dirty it will have a negative impact on your pet motor. Many benefits if we diligently clean the motor filter, one of which the machine will be durable, in addition to fuel will be not wasteful also make the life of the spark plug into a long.

If the distance has reached 12000 km it would be nice filter air filter replaced with new. So many articles that I can share this time about the impact of dirty filters on the motor, hopefully with this article can add insight and useful and also a source of reference for all of us, happy to read and see you again in the article. thank you

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