10 Tips Simple Buying Cheap Motorcycle Qualified in Showroom

10 Tips Simple Buying Cheap Motorcycle Qualified in Showroom - Modern Moto Magazine

Tips on Buying Used Motor - Information about how to buy used motorcycle tips suitable for you with the appropriate budget. For those who want to buy a motorcycle, but the funds are insufficient. Looks like you guys do not break the charcoal because used motorcycles are the only solution. Although the former, but do not underestimate the traces - the former because usually the former has a high aesthetic value. Actually there are tips to buy used motor matic or the koplingan. If you already know about the engine and can feel the pull of a good machine, it may be very fortunate to get a quality second-hand motorcycle. Currently there are many emerging models of the latest motorcycle on the market. However, there are still many people who are looking for used motorcycles because it is still good and in accordance with existing funds.

For those of you who might buy a used motor matic or buy a used motorcycle clutch there are tips and ways of its own. It's good you have to be careful and also careful when before buying. There are many cases of used motorcycle sellers who deliberately cheat their customers for multiple benefits. But just calm down, on this occasion we will convey some tips to buy used motorcycles that qualified and in accordance with your budget. Straight to.

10 Tips Simple Buying Cheap Motorcycle Qualified in Showroom - Modern Moto Magazine

Best Tips To Buying Used Motorcycle - Modern Moto Magazine

 Tips on Buying Used Motor

1. Determine Which Type Of Motor To Be Purchased
The first is before buying a used motorcycle first choose what type of motor will you buy. Are you going to buy a used motor matic or buy a clutch motor? Preferably before coming to the showroom choose the type of motor first to fit in the showroom does not think too long.

2. Determine the Function and Purpose of Buying Used Motor
After you decide what type of motorcycle you will buy, do not forget to determine the function and purpose you bought the motor. Of course the function and purpose must be good and beneficial for you or others. It would be better if your goal to buy this bike for business activities or to carry out. If you have determined the function and purpose you buy a used motor, then the next step to know the specification of your target motor.

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3. Know Your Specification Motor Specs
Well, if it is already know the function and purpose of buying a used motor, then know also the specification of your target motor. You should also adjust the motor specifications with the conditions of residence in your area. Whether you live in a high or in a low area. If you live in a high area you should buy a motor with a specification that has a good machine and stubborn.

4. Do not Forget Checking Motor Prices on the Market
If the tips of this one is important enough that check the price of the motor in the market. Before buying a used motorcycle it would be better if you research first the price of motor in the market. Fear of motor prices that you will buy is very high in the price of motor bike on the market. That's the point of researching motorcycle prices on the market.

5. Look for Used Motorbikes at Trusted Dealers
We recommend that when you buy a used motorcycle, you should come to a trusted dealer. This will make it easier for you if the word motor you bought there is damage. In addition, because many dealers are scattered everywhere. The level of competition will be very fierce and you can take advantage of promo - promo offered at the dealer. In addition to get a low price, of course you will also get a quality motorcycle.

6. Know Vehicle History To Be Purchased
Then do not forget before buying a motorcycle should see the history of the vehicle. Whether the motor is stolen or motor confiscated or motorcycle that is being guaranteed. This is an absolute requirement before buying a used motorcycle. If you do not know the history of the vehicle you are going to buy, then you are finished.

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7. Check Physical Equipment Used Motor To Be Purchased
After knowing the history of the motor to be purchased, then next check the physical completeness of used motorcycles to be purchased. First check the state of the outer body, whether there are scratches - scrapes scratches or traces of former fall. This could affect the selling price. Also check the panel of the speedometer, lights and indicators of the motor. Then, check also the condition of the wheel and also the motor engine. If it feels all and conditions are in good condition, then the motor is feasible for you.

8. Check the Completeness of Proof of ownership
Motor history has been trusted, physical condition is also still good, then further check the completeness of the letters - letters. This is an absolute tip when buying a used motorcycle, because if the letters are incomplete do not want to buy the bike. All motor vehicles must have complete letters such as BPKB and STNK. Also check the ID of the name in the BPKB is still valid and can be used for the purpose behind the name. Also check the authenticity of BPKB and its STNK.

9. Try the Drive Test!
After all the above tips have been done, then try to try to feel the motor used. Try a drive test on the street, feel the pull of the engine. Is it still good or not? The test also turns and also when the brakes. If the engine conditions are felt steady and comfortable driving, then start negotiations with the seller.

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10. Negotiate Suitable Match Rates
After the history, physical condition and complete letters and when the motor drive test is okay, then it is time nego with the seller. We recommend that at the time of negotiation, try to calm down and do not rush. Previously you've been researching the price of motorcycles on the market, then adjust the price in the market or if the price is below the market.

Well, that's 10 tips on buying used motorcycles in the showroom is quite simple and can be a reference before buying a used motorcycle cheap and quality. May be useful.

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