Yamaha Showcases TY-E Electric Motor Trail at Tokyo Motorcycle Show 2018

Yamaha Showcases TY-E Electric Motor Trail at Tokyo Motorcycle Show 2018

Only a few days after the filing of a patent, the Japanese manufacturer Yamaha officially introduced their electric-powered adventure motorcycle named TY-E. Iron horse that has a quite exotic design is exhibited in the manufacturer's logo fork tuning in the event the Tokyo Motorcycle Show 2018 which begins Friday (23/3) yesterday.

Quoting Visordown, Yamaha electric motor output trail is quite beautiful when present in the event FIM Trial E-Cup 2018. Like most other electric motors that carries the main features in the form of batteries and electric motors, but Yamaha TY-E slightly different because it has been equipped with clutch mechanical and flywheel, to adjust the output power, or to provide a driving sensation like a conventional motorcycle.
Yamaha Showcases TY-E Electric Motor Trail at Tokyo Motorcycle Show 2018
"However, the most prominent of the Yamaha trial is the weight of less than 70 kg. In fact, conventional trial gasoline engines such as Montesa Cots 300RR powered equivalent to TY-E weighs 77 kg, "wrote Naikmotor.com. "Lightweight TY-E is possible thanks to the use of a reinforced plastic carbon composite material or CFRP on its chassis. At the same time the first fact that an electric motorcycle can be lighter than a conventional motorcycle in an equivalent class. "

The electric motorcycle that has a dual-sport genre and also environmentally friendly is being prepared Yamaha and named Passion Electric Dirt 2 (PED2), the development of a pure dirt bike PED1 in 2015. The concept of Passion Electric Dirt 2 (PED2) is planned using Lithium batteries -ion, and will have maximum weight not up to 100 kg, so this biker feels really comfortable when passing the off-road lane.

Yamaha ensure the concept of PED2 on this electric trail bike will have the performance equivalent to the conventional 125cc engine concept. Nevertheless, the company has not issued a full specification about this bike, it has only just been up to the stage of patenting the image and removing a simple drawing scheme.

"We are here to focus on creating a trial version of the competition. We also try to develop the motor even further, "said Yamaha. "We are trying to minimize the weakness of this type of electric motor, where a lightweight body plus great power will make control becomes difficult."

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