Tips For Caring Car Air Conditioner To Stay Cold And Durable

Tips Caring for Car Air Conditioner To Stay Cold And Durable - Modern Moto Magazine

How to Carring Car Air Conditioning - Information on how to care for car ac always let cool and can work optimally and durable. Have you ever felt hot while in the car? It must have been. Especially if the air conditioner fits in the car is damaged or not functioning normally. Of course all that adds to the heat of the atmosphere in the car and make us sweat. If again fitting car air conditioner die in a state of traffic. We can say 'Already Fallen by the Stairs'. Lha how else, if the car AC can not work normally in a state of traffic. Surely sweat pours down very swiftly so that the clothes and emotions come out instantly.

Did you know that AC (Air Conditioner) needs to get treatment too. Not only the engine or any body outside the car that should get treatment. Car air conditioning must also be treated in order to work optimally and normally. Basically how to care for car air conditioning it must be done the right way. Because the car air conditioner is one of the important components in the car. This affects the driver's comfort while driving. In addition, car air conditioning is also very influential on the conditions in the car so it can be cool and comfortable. Especially if during the summer, the car air conditioner is very influential to regulate the temperature in the car that we drive.

 Tips Caring for Car Air Conditioner To Stay Cold And Durable
In addition to the summer, during the rainy season any AC car can also help the driver comfort in driving. The reason is when the driver driving on rain conditions, when the car air conditioner lights up can make the car glass is not foggy. Surely in any weather conditions from the car AC can be lit as usual we do not have to worry. However, what if the car air conditioner can not work normally alias no interference when used. Take it easy because on this occasion we will provide powerful tips to keep the air conditioner in the best condition. Probably rather than too much polite. Here's how to care for a car air conditioner is good and correct:

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Diligently Cleaning the Cabin

How to care for the first car air conditioning is diligent to clean the cabin in the car. Dusty car cabin can damage the car air conditioner because when dust into the air conditioning, it can make the AC can not work optimally. For that you must be diligent to clean the car cabin periodically or in a dirty state. Especially if after driving long distances and transporting passengers in large quantities.

Avoid Driving In Condition Open Glass

Then the next way is not often - often open the car windshield. This method is simple enough to make the car air conditioner not easily damaged. When you open the windshield when driving, then dirt or dust from the outside can enter. Of course it can lead to dirty car air conditioning and can make the AC work is not normal. For that, close the car glass when driving, especially when dirty road conditions and pollution.

Do not Smoke In The Car

Of course all agree if you do not smoke in the car. The first consequence if there are people who smoke of course the cabin in the car will be a lot of cigarette smoke. Then the second result could damage the car air conditioner. Because nicotine-containing cigarette smoke can get into the car's air conditioner and affect the evaporator and make the components slimy. If that happens, then the car air conditioner will emit an unpleasant odor.

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Avoid Turning on the AC when the Car is Powered on

Then the next way is not directly turn on the car air conditioner when the car has just been turned on. It is also an easy and simple way to care for car air conditioners. Make sure that when turning on the car the air conditioner must be off, only when the car runs the car air conditioner can be turned on.

Install Cab Filter

Then the next way is to install a cab filter that can filter the dirt and dust that enter. Of course with this cabin filter we can more easily in car air conditioning car. We recommend that after using this cabin filter ask mechanics to spray this section to keep it clean.

Watch Car RPM When AC is On

Often - often to pay attention to car rpm when ac car is turned on. If the rpm is too low or not appropriate, it can affect the cold or not AC car. Therefore always look at the car rpm when the ac is on.

Check the Extra Fan Round or Condenser Fan

If the AC your car is equipped with Extra Fan or Condenser Fan. So you have to check the rotation of the fan frequently so that the performance of the lap can run normally.

That's some tips on car ac care that you can practice easily. Of course there are many ways to take care of the car itself on a regular basis. Maybe if talking about car ac care. It seems there are some cars that sometimes often occur problems against the AC. Like the Avanza car, then there is the Xenia car and there is also a Panther car. Of course with the car ac treatment can make the function of the car ac button can run smoothly and without any hindrance. Maybe this is what we can convey to provide information on how to care for car ac. Hopefully it can help and can be useful later on.

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