Disadvantages And Advantages Yamaha NMAX Latest

Disadvantages And Advantages Yamaha NMAX Latest

Lack of Yamaha NMAX, Everyone must know with scooter bongsor Yamaha Nmax, Honda PCX competitors are known to have many advantages ranging from features, designs until the price is quite cheap. For the Indonesian market PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) presents two options namely ABS and non ABS but both use 150 cc engine.

Yamaha NMAX for Non ABS is clearly different than the ABS version especially in terms of braking technology, in addition to the price is also more affordable and there are some slight changes to the design. Here we will present detail advantages and disadvantages of Yamaha Nmax Non ABS with complete ABS and its advantages and features.

Motor matic elegant design can be spelled out a blend of scooters with motor sport, because although a big stature but still comfortable to use. ABS version has been more duu launched than ABS which at that time dibanderol Rp 27 million, then lapse a few months later the new born Non ABS with the price of Rp 24 million.
Disadvantages And Advantages Yamaha NMAX Latest
NMAX's superior features include Double Disc Brake, Front and Rear LED Headlight, Digital Speedometer, Handlebar Aluminum, Wide Tire, Two Ride Position and of course Blue Core technology. Then for the engine sector are both with a capacity of 155 cc with 11.1 kW power at 8,000 rpm and peak torque of 14.4 Nm at 6,000 rpm

As a family of Max series is definitely Yamaha NMAX has a very sporty design and admirable with a body that is uniquely designed characteristic of European motor matik. Then for the kitchen pacunya using Blue Core technology so it is more environmentally friendly and fuel efficient.

Dashboard Yamaha Nmax
What is unique from this bike is the dashboard design that does not blend with the handlebars but separated with the position in the middle somewhat into. This is the differentiator for this skutik compared to other motor matik in Indonesia

The Yamaha Nmax frame makes it easy for handling
Although large but Yamaha Nmax has a handling is very comfortable to drive, not to mention the support of the front suspension is easy to make the driver feel comfortable when maneuvering.

Here are the details of the benefits of Yamaha Nmax:

  • By using the latest injection technology Yamaha NMAX becomes more leverage in the combustion process because through a 3-dimensional mapping system to control fuel so that it becomes more efficient.
  • In addition the form of the valve layout is also more leverage with a more fitting fuel room design.
  • There is a useful tumble maximizing in the mixing of fuel into power
  • Burning in the engine room becomes more prime
  • VVA technology helps cool the engine so that the motor performance remains stable.
  • Yamaha equip this bike with by-pass thermostat to accelerate the process of heating the engine and make fuel-efficient
  • There is a DiAsyl Cylinder & Forged Piston technology that keeps the engine effective in the combustion process
  • Already equipped roller rocket arm so minimal friction.
  • Vibration motor is also more stable because the engine is very light
  • There is a compact AC magneto that makes fuel more efficient but still powerful.
  • Armed with a delta shape frame makes Yamaha Nmax very light
  • There is a fuel tank center tunnel so that the center tank center position is centered
  • In the sector of the legs equipped with twin shock absorber with tires width of 13 inches stable size

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