5 Best Tips For Modification Mitsubishi Expander Cars

5 Best Tips For Modification Mitsubishi Expander Cars - Modern Moto Magazine

Tips modification mitsubishi expander - Tips from Priceza to replace your Mitsubishi Expander, a Japanese-made car that is in demand lately. This car is in the class LMVP (Low Multi Purpose Vehicle) and targeting the middle to upper class users. The advantages of this car is located on the exterior of the charming and supported by the interior is similar to the MPV car. But for lovers of modifications it seems there is always want to be changed from this car. Here are 5 parts of Mitsubishi Expander that are often modified:

Tips Modification Mitsubishi Expander Latest

1. Velg

Xpander car is Mitsubishi's best-selling car in the Indonesian market. Surely you will often meet this car on the street. In order for your Xpander looks different from others it is better to change the appearance for example on the car wheels.

Types of wheels used by this car is a size of 15 inches for GLS and GLX type and 16 inches for exceed, sport and ultimate type. But you can also upgrade up to 18 inch size. PCD tires of this car was easy to find because it uses the size 5 x 114.3. Some of our recommendations are Lenso Conquista 8 Hyper Black, Morita 1038 HSR, OZ Rally Racing and GTR Sport 994 HSR.
Tips Modification Mitsubishi Expander Latest
2. Tires
Currently there are 3 kinds of tire display modification ideas for Xpander. First is the flat view. For this view you can combine the tires with OZ touring rim rim and a protector attached to the lips of Xpander. If you do not like the flat look, you can use motocross tires, PIAA lamps, mud flap and ralliart sticker. The latest modification idea is suitable for you lover of tire tilt display. Style with the title of hella flush is obtained from the modification of velg celong fparrau_magix and negative Chamber or tilt.

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3. Bodykit
Modifications to the bodykit is usually done to make the car look more sporty. Modified car parts include bumper, rearview, ground clearance. Changes in the rearview mirror is to add a fins to minimize the vibration in the rearview mirror. While the change in ground clearance causes a closed fog lamp. But it can be overcome by using DW light light.

4. Muffler Tip
The muffler tip keeps the bumper from getting sooty from the muffler. Also using the Muffler tip also makes your Xpander more sporty. To get it you have to pre-order. The price of this tip Muffler is 250 thousand rupiah.

5. Glass Film
Glass film is used to prevent riders and passengers from the heat of the sun. Glass film is mounted on the front of the car, right side and left and rear. Regarding the price, it depends on the quality and size of the glass. The commonly used glass brand is V-Kool. The better the glass in the heat disperse but still make the car bright then the price will be more expensive. The modifier Xpander used to use the windshield with V-Kool type 70 while on the side and rear glass with type 60. That's the mitsubishi expander modification tips are good and true.

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