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HALO  Broken Circle

HALO Broken Circle

John Shirley
Halo  The Flood

Halo The Flood

William C. Dietz
Halo  Tales from Slipspace

Halo Tales from Slipspace

Frank O'Connor
Halo  First Strike

Halo First Strike

Eric Nylund
HALO  New Blood

HALO New Blood

Matt Forbeck
Hush  Hush

Hush Hush

Becca Fitzpatrick
HALO  The Thursday War

HALO The Thursday War

Karen Traviss
Halo  Silentium

Halo Silentium

Greg Bear
Halo  Contact Harvest

Halo Contact Harvest

Joseph Staten


Alexandra Adornetto
Halo  Glasslands

Halo Glasslands

Karen Traviss


Alexandra Adornetto
Halo Boxed Set II

Halo Boxed Set II

Various Authors
Halo  Escalation

Halo Escalation

Christopher Schlerf
HALO  Last Light

HALO Last Light

Troy Denning
HALO  Envoy

HALO Envoy

Tobias S. Buckell
Halo  The Cole Protocol

Halo The Cole Protocol

Tobias S. Buckell


Tammara Webber


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