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By: Benoît Marchal
  • Title Book: XML by Example
  • Author : Benoît Marchal
  • ISBN 10: 9780789725042
  • ISBN 13: 0789725045
  • Publisher : Que Publishing
  • Category : Computers / Programming Languages / HTML
  • Languages : en (Available in All Languages)
  • Pages : 495

XML by Example, 2nd edition has been revised and updated to include the newest standards, more robust examples, and better tools for developers to make the most of XML as they learn it. Building off readers¿ knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and web development, this book teaches XML using practical, real-world examples every step of the way. The book starts with a broad overview of the technologies and standards that make up XML. Following chapters teach each of these topics in depth, including new coverage of: more robust tools for parsing and manipulating XML, modeling with XML Schemas, managing extensibility with Namespaces, the latest version of XSL transformations (XSLT), applying style with XSL Formatting Objects and Cascading Style Sheets, object models including SAX 2 and DOM 2, and working with existing XML models: XHTML, WML and RSS. The final chapters design and build an XML-enabled e-Commerce application, putting together the concepts mastered earlier in the book.

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