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By: Polly J Adams
  • Title Book: Teasers
  • Author : Polly J Adams
  • Publisher : James Grieve Press
  • Category : Fiction / Romance / Erotica
  • Languages : en (Available in All Languages)
  • Pages : 48

The lingering look, the slight pout, the double meaning... There's a fine line between leading him on and seducing him, and these stories tread that line. Three in a Book: three explicit stories to tease and seduce, and fuel your wildest fantasies!

The Rules of the Game
Jack and Karen live complicated lives and rarely get time alone together. So when Jack is called away on business on their anniversary there is a price to pay. Karen sends him a series of messages on his phone and he has to follow her instructions to the letter if he is to win - he has to play by the rules of the game.

Personal Service
Is it bad to fantasize about the hot young shop assistant while you're trying on a new dress...? Is it dangerous to lead him on, to see where that cheeky grin and his eyes roaming hungrily over your body might lead? Well maybe, but you don't get anywhere without taking a few risks, do you?

Selena Does Porn
Always the quiet one, always the voyeur, when Selena starts to explore her sexuality in a porn cinema in Soho she discovers the thrills of turning the tables - not watching, but being watched. When all the men in the cinema ignore the screen and watch Selena instead, she realises she has found the biggest turn-on ever.

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