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By: Melanie Rawn
  • Title Book: Skybowl
  • Author : Melanie Rawn
  • ISBN 10: 9781101666302
  • ISBN 13: 1101666307
  • Publisher : Penguin
  • Category : Fiction / Fantasy / Epic
  • Languages : en (Available in All Languages)
  • Pages : 776

With her widely acclaimed fantasy trilogy, Dragon Prince, Melanie Rawn opened an enchanted gateway to a spellbinding universe of Sunrunner’s magic and sorcerous evil, telling the tale of one man’s crusade to bring peace to a land divided into often warring kingdoms.

In the first two novels of the bestselling Dragon Star trilogy, the peaceful reign of High Prince Rohan was shattered by a mysterious invasion force which began a devastating campaign against the people of the Desert and the Sunrunners. And now, Skybowl brings this magnificent epic work of fantasy to its dramatic close.

With High Prince Pol’s wife Meiglan held prisoner by the Warlord of the enemy, and Skybowl Keep purposefully abandoned to this deadly foe, Pol’s mother Sioned leads a daring mission into the castle, using all her years of experience as High Princess in a cunning attempt to strike at the heart of the invasion force. And even as Sioned carries out this perilous plan, Pol and his cousin Andry, Lord of the Sunrunners of Goddess Keep, are forced into an uneasy alliance. For only if they can overcome their longtime rivalry and suspicions of one another and draw upon their combined powers of Sunrunning and Sorcery, do they stand any chance of defeating the invaders who have sworn to destroy the people of the Desert—down to the last newborn child….

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